TUG - Help

Reconnecting / Smoke

You are reconnected upon initial connection to TUG servers in order to precache colored smoke particles. Log in to this site and visit your profile if you would like to skip the reconnection and just go straight to the game.


Equip a medkit and just pull it out. Current maximum healing power is 80hp. So if you have 35hp and whip out your medkit, every second will add 5hp to a maxiumum of 80hp. Any team member can heal a non-fatal team casualty. Simply equip a medkit (or pick one up off the ground cause everyone carries one, right?). All that is necessary is to be close to the casualty; stand, crouch, lay down next to them with the medit in hand and they will begin being healed.


Medics can use also their paddles to heal and/or revive teammates. There is no “action” that needs to occur, a medic simply stands/crouches/lays next to a teammate (very close) and healing/reviving will begin. If a teammate is “fatally” killed, this will not work, as the teammate is “completely dead”.

Bodies & Death

There are 4 “levels” of death. Minor, Moderate, Critical, and Fatal.

  • Minor: 3 Sec Revivable damage (up to 100)
  • Moderate: 5 Sec Revivable damage (greater than 100 but less than 250)
  • Critical: 7 Sec Revivable damage (greater than or equal to 250)
  • Fatal: NON-Revivable damage varies based upon luck hit location. EX: headshot has 20% fatality chance


Non-fatal injuries result in the player becoming a “ragdoll”. These ragdolls can be moved by a living player by standing next to the ragdoll and pressing crouch+sprint and a directional key (forward, back, left, right). But wait, there’s more! A player dragging another player can still use their equipped item, EX: shoot at an enemy while dragging your buddy, or even heal your buddy while dragging them (medkit!).



Any player (including terrorists) who come into contact with a flame while catch fire. HP depletes while on fire (fire is hot, you’re getting fucking burnt) but somewhat slowly. You will remain on fire until you go prone (or die from smoke inhalation). If you come into contact with another player while on fire, they too will catch on fire (same concept, they came into contact with something burning, YOU). Going prone will cause the fire to go out (Stop, Drop, and Roll).



Not an Airstrike. Only the Team Sergeant has direct access to “buy” Arty. It is located in the first explosives slot, has a biohazard decal on it, and the color of the nade itself is quite a bit “greener” than that of the standard smoke grenade. Insurgent Leads may also drop their own version of this which fires three rockets and comes in a pink cannister.

Supplies are limited per round (you get 8 “successful” throws). Once you’re out of Arty calls, they just act as a plain smoke grenade. If your throw lands somewhere without direct visibility to the sky, it won’t work. The FO won’t be able to see it and you won’t get any artillery.