TUG - Rules

Admins are the law. Period.

No Racism

I don’t care if you’re white, black, red, green, yellow, purple, turquoise, or whatever. Racial slurs will result in a permanent ban. All chats are logged to discord so even if you don’t get caught in real-time by an admin, it will be seen and you will be dealt with appropriately. There is no leeway to this rule. If you break it, you’re done on TUG servers.

No Supremacy Bullshit / Hate Speech

Much like Rule 2, white, black, red, green, yellow, purple, turquoiise, whatever the fuck, you’re all equal here. Any language found to violate this (Such as “Sig Heil”, etc) will result in an instant ban.

Forgive and Forget

Shit happens. Sometimes you accidentally get killed by a teammate. Sometimes you accidentally kill a teammate. Exchange apologies and move the hell on. Excessive TK’ing or just being a cocksucker about it will result in action being taken by an admin.

EX: Player1 TKs Player9


Player9, “WTF, DUDE?!?!?!?? YOU TK’d ME, BRUH!!”

Player1, “sorry homie, my bad.”


Player9, “WTF, DUDE?!?!?!?? YOU TK’d ME, BRUH!!”

Player1, “eat shit, motherfucker. gitgud”

Don't be an idiot

It’s a game. A certain level of trash talk is to be expected. Remember though, this is not PVP. These are your teammates and if you’re an asshole to them, how could you possibly expect them to have your back? See the “No Racism” rule above.

Medics will be Medics

If you play as the medic class and you are not healing/reviving people, expect to be kicked. Simple as that. There are only 2 medic slots available, don’t waste them. Use smoke to cover (the impact smokes are fantastic for this) and heal/revive your teammates. Expect to be burnt/slapped/kicked for violations of this rule.

Play the objectives

Play towards ending the game. If the next cap is a cache that needs to be blown, equip/find an explosive and blow it up. Bawts respawn on interval and will never stop coming. You may kill them all but they will be back soon enough. There’s not much time between bawt reinforcements. Move Quickly. Expect to be burnt/slapped for violations of this rule

Don't get too far ahead of your teammates

We have 0 control over the bawt respawn points. It’s based off of where players are at and straight up baked into the map. If you get ahead of your teammates, it screws with bawt spawn placement and may start loading a shitload of them behind your teammates. Expect to be burnt/slapped for violations of this rule